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Come and Experience the Glory of the Lord
Are You Ready?
If you hear God calling to step out into your divine destiny, now is the time to respond to that great call in your life. Glory House International Ministry School is focused on connecting you to your purpose not only as a student but in the Kingdom. We aim our education to better equip you for life, in ministry, the marketplace, the community and world at large.
You have our commitment from GHIMS to help develop and activate your spiritual gifts. GHIMS instructors are proven and are committed to the goals of our students and the school. To accurately expose the truth of scripture while addressing today's cultural and societal challenges and opportunities. 
We believe you will enjoy a variety of Spirit-filled courses that provide with thought provoking content and an exploration of a deeper revelation of the Word. We will seek to release an impartation of the Five-fold ministry and it's importance; which is ALIVE  and functioning in each class. Lessons are compiled and presented in a format that allows for the free flow of the Holy Spirit through both instructors and students. 
Contact the us now call 602-752-6977 or email us at

One hour of studying the Word of God. Reading and understanding the Word is not our biggest challenge. Becoming the Word is the challenge that every man, woman and child faces. Come join us to learn what it means to become the WORD.

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